Cultivation and winemaking

The estate practices integrated viticulture, i.e. we only treat our vines against diseases when we need to. In our production area, the most common pruning method is "single guyot".

During the winemaking we cool all our varieties of red wines to 7°C, to enhance the extraction of the colour and aromas. The must is kept at this temperature for ten days or so, depending on the variety and vintage. Then we leave alcoholic fermentation to take place. Once fermentation is complete, we separate the solids (seeds, skin, stalks) from the liquid portion. We leave the grape juice, which has become wine, to clarify for a few days before putting it into oak barrels for 10 to 12 months.

For our white wines, the grapes are pressed immediately after harvesting. The juice collected is stored in a vat for 24 hours to let it clarify. Then we separate the coarser lees from the grape must so that it will be as clear as possible. Fermentation begins in the vat first of all, then continues in the barrel to age for 9 to 10 months.

All the work on the vines and the wine is carried out by Didier and Alexandre. We call on the services of an oenologist to advise us from vinification through to bottling.

The wines are bottled on the estate.